Our car scrap yard completes full de-pollution sevices on scrap vehicles.
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In our scrap yard, Scrap Metal Prices provides de-pollution services on scrap cars and scrap vehicles.

De-pollution is the process of removing hazardous materials and hazardous waste from a vehicle before the vehicle scrappage begins.

All our de-pollution services are carried out within our scrap yard, in our custom-fitted scrap car de-pollution facility.

Our de-pollution procedures make sure that harmful or dangerous chemicals are disposed of responsible minimising the risk of environmental contamination.

Scrap Metal Prices offers eco-friendly scrap metal processing services in Limerick.

Vehicle And Car Depollution Process

Our team of highly trained scrappage experts, carefully remove any and all hazardous materials from a vehicle or car. 
These materials are then disposed of properly. 

The hazardous materials and chemicals removed from a vehicle can include:

  • Lead Acid Batteries

  • Battery Acid

  • Rubber Tyres

  • Oils and Fuels (Both from the fuel tank with within the engine)

  • Petrol Tanks

Ultimately the goal of de-pollution is to stop horrendous materials from seeping from scrappage and contaminating the environment or becoming a danger to people or local wildlife.

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Safe Scrap Metal Processing & Recycling Services

 The team at Scrap Metal Prices has years of industry experience in metal processing and is committed to providing a safe and environmentally-friendly Limerick scrap metal recycling service for all kinds of metal. From scrap car recycling to metal processing, all items that could cause harm to the environment are de-polluted before processing to ensure a safe and eco-friendly processing experience.
Our team does the utmost to offer a reliable and high-quality service where the health and safety of our colleagues, customers, and natural environment are paramount.

Depollution FAQ

  • What is De-pollution?

    De-pollution is the process of removing hazardous material from a vehicle or car before the vehicle is scrapped.

    All our de-pollution procedures are completed by a team of highly experienced de-pollution experts.

  • Are all scrap cars subjected to a de-pollution procedure?

    Yes, as an environmentally responsible scrap yard, we make sure all scrap vehicles are subject to our stringent de-pollution procedures.

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