Scrap Metal Prices offers a wide range of Limerick Scrap Metal services including processing, recycling & collection.

Limerick Scrap Metal

As a long-established and eco-conscious scrap yard, the team at Scrap Metal Prices offers a range of scrap metal services including Limerick scrap metal recycling, scrap metal processing, scrap metal collection services, and more.
We collect and process all kinds of scrap metal including iron, copper, aluminium, and more. We also offer full collection and recycling services for scrap cars.
If you’re looking for a professional scrap metal processing service suitable for all types of second-hand metal, visit Scrap Metal Prices today. We keep up to date with industry pricing to ensure competitive and fair prices are guaranteed.

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Offering a Range Of Scrap Metal Services, Including:

  • Limerick Scrap Metal Recycling

  • Limerick Scrap Metal Processing

  • Limerick Scrap Metal Collection

  • Off-Site Scrap Metal Collection in Limerick

  • Limerick Scrap Car Processing

  • Depollution Services for Cars & Parts

  • Competitive Pricing for Scrap Metal

  • And More

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Scrap Metal Collection

As Limerick’s leading scrap metal collection service, we offer full on-site and off-site scrap metal collection services for private and commercial customers, offering quick & efficient pick-up services and competitive prices for all types of metal.

Scrap Metal Processing & Recycling

Our Limerick scrap metal plant offers an extensive range of metal processing and recycling services for all types of metal including iron, copper, aluminium, steel, and more. We ensure safe, compliant, and eco-friendly Limerick scrap metal recycling and processing.

Scrap Cars Services

Interested in getting money for your scrap cars? We provide full scrap car collection, depollution, and metal processing services for all types of cars, working with private clients and fleet companies to dispose of waste cars in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Limerick Scrap Metal FAQ

  • What kind of scrap metal services do you provide?

    Limerick Metal Recycling provides a range of Limerick metal professing services including scrap metal recycling, scrap metal collection, scrap car processing, depollution, and more.

  • How much do you pay for scrap metal?

    This varies depending on the market value of metal at any given time. We provide competitive, up-to-date prices for all scrap metal we buy.