We offer cash for scrap cars.
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* Minimum collection of 4 cars

Scrap Cars

Scrap Metal Prices offers clients cash for scrap cars, with collection services availabe nationwide. Our Limerick car scrap yard provides full scrap car collection services and offers professional scrap metal processing and scrap metal recycling services for all kinds of cars. We buy all types of cars for scrap metal from customers, wtih a minimum of four cars required. We tailor our payments according to market trends to ensure that you recieve the best scrap metal price availabe for your outdated and old vehicles being sent to the scrap yard. 

Everything from outdated fleet models and old family cars can be recycled in our scrap metal recycling service if they are no longer roadworthy. Scrap Metal Prices’s car scrap yard offers a complete end of life vehicle recycling service.

Our responsible and environmentally conscious car recycling service makes every effort to salvage as much of the vehicle as possible, reduciing the amount of waste going to a landfill.

Get cash for your scrap car by organising a scrap car collection service from our car scrap yard today.

Car Recycling Scrap Yard

A large percentage of a scrap car can be recycled.
Our scrap car yard makes sure to recycle and salvage as much of the vehicle as possible.

The components within a car that our car scrap yard recycles includes:

  • Scrap car collection

  • Car & vehicle de-pollution

  • Alloy wheel recycling

  • Car battery recycling

  • Engine recycling

  • Construction metal recycling

  • Catalytic converter recycling

  • Vehicle wiring loom recycling

Our team of scrap car collection experts are available to collect scrap cars from all over Ireland. We offer competitive market rates on all scrap cars.

For more information on our full range of Limerick Scrap Car Recycling, get in touch with the team today.

Scrap Cars FAQ

  • I need a car scrap yard near me.

    We are nationwide service that are based in Limerick with deposits in Galway and Mountmellick Laois. We offer clients a fast and convenient car recycling service. 

  • How much cash do I get for scrapping my car?

    The exact amount you receive for your scrap car depends on current market rates and the weight of the scrapped car.

Get cash for scrap cars by getting in contact with our scrap car yard today.