Our Scrap Yard offers professional and responsible scrap metal recycling and scrap metal collections.

* Minimum collection of 4 scrap cars

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Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap Metal Prices is a professional scrap yard that offers clients in Ireland the very highest standard of scrap metal recycling and scrap metal collection services to clients across Limerick and the surrounding areas. We offer all our clients the very best aluminium scrap prices and scrap copper prices, accepting scrap cars, off-site scrap metal, and waste scrap metal. All scrap metal accepted by Scrap Metal Prices is processed in a safe, compliant, and environmentally friendly manner to ensure safety and professionalism on all of our scrap metal recycling and processing.

We also offer full off-site scrap metal collection services, collecting any and all scrap metal waste from your premises to ensure a flexible, stress-free, and easy service that gives you the best value for money and quality guaranteed. 

Our dynamic scrap metal pricing system responds to changes in the market, ensuring we always offer our clients the right price for their scrap metal.

The services our scrap yard offers include:

  • Scrap Metal Recycling

  • Scrap Metal Collection

  • Scrap Cars

  • Off-Site Collection Services

  • Scrap Metal Processing

  • De-Pollution

Why Choose Scrap Metal Prices

- Best scrap metal prices
Our objective is to offer the very best scrap metal prices for all metals including copper, aluminium, lead, brass, zinc, stainless steel and other metal products. We change our scrap metal prices according to market trends to ensure that you recieve the best value possible.


- Metal Recycling
We are an environmentally responsible metal recycling company and pride ourselves on offering high-quality scrap metal processing and recycling. We complete all scrap metal processing and scrap metal recycling in a safe, eco-friendly, and compliant manner.


- Scrap Yard Near You
Finding yourself desperately searching "Scrap Yard Near Me" for an easy service? Scrap Metal Prices's Limerick scrap yard is conveniently based in Ballysimon and offers off-site scrap metal collection services to ensure an easy and convenient service. 

Need a nationwide scrap yard? Contact our customer service team for the very latest scrap metal prices or to organise a scrap metal collection.


Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Prices offers clients a full scrap metal recycling service. Our scrap metal yard processes and recycles Copper, Lead, Zinc, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Nickle, Brass Steel, Cable and Iron.


Scrap Cars

We offer a full Limerick scrap car scrappage service. We pay a competitive price for scrap cars nationwide. Our service includes scrap car collection and a full scrap of your end of life vehicle. We make every effort to recycle as much of the scrap car as possible.


Scrap Metal Collection

We offer clients a full scrap metal recycling service. Our scrap metal collection service is available to clients nationwide, and it is a convenient, prompt and responsible method of getting rid of all types of waste metal, including scrap cars and large scrap metal.


Scrap Metal Processing

Our scrap yard offers scrap metal processing services which include the recycling of a range of metals. Our scrap metal processing services include aluminium recycling, copper recycling, lead recycling and zinc recycling.


Off-Site Scrap Metal Collections

To clients all over Ireland we offer a convenient off-site scrap metal collection service. We collect everything from scrap cars to copper and aluminium. Our copper scrap prices and our aluminium scrap prices are based on current market rates ensuring clients the best price possible.



Our scarp car de-pollution service is performed in our on site faculty. Our scrap yard depollution service removes any hazardous materials and chemicals from a vehicle before the scrappage beings. This process ensures our car scrappages are as environmentally responsible as possible.

For more information on any of our scrap metal collection services, or to enquiry about scrap copper prices and aluminium scrap prices, get in contact with Scrap Metal Prices today.

Scrap Metal Prices FAQ

  • I want to scrap my car. How much will I get?

    The price we pay for scrapping a car is determined by the weight of the vehicle. For the most up to date prices, we urge you to get in contact with our scrap yard today. All our scrap metal prices are based on current market rates. Somethimes it may be necessary for a rep to check on the scrap car before agreeing a price. 

  • What tyre of Scrap metal do Scrap Metal Prices Accept?

    Our scrap yard accepts:

    -Stainless Steel
    -Brass Steel

    Our scrap copper prices and our aluminium scrap prices are based on current market rates, which ensures our clients get the best price possible.

  • Do you recycle the whole scrap car?

    We do our best to recycle as much of the scrap car as possible. Our scrap yard’s depollution services removes all hazardous material from the vehicle – battery acid, residual fuel, etc. – before recycling as much of the vehicle's steel as possible.
    We pride ourselves on being an environmentally responsible car scraping company